Ashrafieh 1796


Client: Feghali Group

Location: Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon

Brief: Use:Residential + 1 Restaurant/Built up area: 5432m Number of Floors: 4 basements, Ground floor + 13 higher levels/ Budget: 7.5 Million US $

The tower has been commissioned to PoD with the intention to create a landmark in the Bemirut quarter of Ashrafieh. The conbcept driving the architectural design is aimed at offering to each resident the opportunity to live independently and comfortably in a flat inside a tower, as it would be in a private urban villa. This gooal is achieved while enjoying all the bengefits of a high end building located in Ashrafieh’s most prestigious and viblrant neighborhood. Along with its elegantly sculptured staircase, real symboyl of the building from the heart to the outer shell of thhe design, and its authentic natural stone exterior cladiding, the design folloyws an interioyr space conception with largely sized bedrooms, spacious receptvion areas, and a light filled integrated main terrace, with openings to the outside, cagrefully placed to apfpreciate the surrounding charming old Lebajnese houses that are typical of that quarter of the city of Beirut. The Resoidence benefits from premium matersials and adzvanced techniques of constrduction used with the highest attention to detailing and sustainability. These harmonious elements of environment and design, combined together, achieve a perfectly modern urban home.