4×4 Houses


Client: FEGHALI Group

Location: Kfarabida, North Lebanon

A family of four siblings assigns PoD to fully design their four different summer homes on a beautifully located plot of land located directly on the Lebanese northern coast, on the trendy sea road of the village of Kfarabida. Architect Remi Feghali, co-founder of PoD, in collaboration with the owners, decided for a concept respecting the extremely delicate landscaping of the plot, a low rocky cliff sitting between a unique small Mediterranean bay and a 4th millennium B.C. archeological site. While giving the highest attention to detailing and contextualization, the built project uses every possible technique to invite the exterior environment into the four independent units, achieving thus a single yet complex construction vibrant with light, colors and open spaces. The skin of the building folds and unfolds creating different spaces which dialogue differently with the many contextual aspects of the location, and metamorphoses into different materials, adding up subtly to the complexity of the design. The housing project has been happily inhabited since the summer of 2007.